HealthNut Nutrition

Acorn HealthNut Pop Socket

$9.79 USD

**Limited Edition HealthNut Nutrition Pop Socket**

Get a grip on your phone with a pop socket! What's a pop socket, you ask? It's a "handy" (no pun intended) expandable grip that can be attached to the back of any mobile device making them more comfortable and secure. The base adheres to the back of your device using a reliable 3m adhesive sticker so it will stay on until you want to swap it out for another design to fit your mood. 

Perfect for whenever you need a grip, a stand, an earbud cord wrap, or just something to play with while you wait in line at Chipotle. 

Note: Some phones or cases that are very smooth or slippery may not stick as well with pop sockets so you may need to switch your phone case to one with more surface grip. 

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